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May 23, 2015 in Event, womens event by Kevin Hardwick

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Lesbians Got Talent

Tuesday nights 7pm-8.30pm at the Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre, 124 Lurline Street, Katoomba.

Lesbians sharing their skills and talents in a supportive, relaxed environment. Participants will leave with something new to think about and information on how they could further develop their new skill/talent.


21 –¬†Waxing lyrical – with beeswax!

28 – Mahjong for beginners


4 – Fun with rhyming poetry

11 – Introduction to ukelele

18 – Volunteering with animals

25 – Drumming (Middle-Eastern and African) for beginners


1 – Acupuncture

8 – Exercise ‘taster’ to relieve chronic body pain

15 – Felting

Full program details at bmlemonzest.org.au . To present or to go on contact list email Anne amck98@gmail.com.


Yuletide Celebration Dinner

6.30pm Saturday July 25 at Marilyn & Jacquy’s place, Katoomba. To RSVP (by July 19, please) or for more info, email majani497@gmail.com.